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    Social media management

    Driving on uncharted roads

    We stand for honesty in the medium and want to promote social media as actual two-way roads. The relevance to the audience should drive our actions.

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    It all starts by answering the hard questions: what is the brand’s objectives in social media? Who is your audience? How can we feed this profile?

    Content Creation

    Copywriters, Designers, Community Managers... All members of our team get their hands dirty when it comes to content — this is how we guarantee quality and alignment with the brand’s strategy.

    Community Management

    Managing social media goes beyond creating engaging content. We need to listen to end users, find out what’s going on in your community, pay attention to trends... And above all, we need to engage, to answer, to offer help. Otherwise, we would be much better off doing TV commercials.

    Monitoring & Analytics

    Social Media reigns over other media types when it comes to the volumes of generated data by our analytics tools. Permanently monitoring key metrics gives us a good feel of what’s working or not in each community, allowing us to adapt or even switch strategies if necessary.

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